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We know you’re itching to get going. Your architect has the plans nearly how you want them and you can finally imagine how your project is going to look. But what about how it’s going to sound?

Acoustic Design Services

We think that there are four key issues in acoustic design. The first is external to internal sound insulation, which we cover in our planning section. Next comes acoustic privacy and room acoustic control, and last but not least the control of noise from building services. Learn more below.

We need a little privacy.

Privacy is important. We don’t want to hear our neighbours when we are at home or in a hotel. We certainly don’t want anyone to overhear our confidential discussions with doctors or employers. And our children need to not be distracted by noise from other classrooms.

Problems with speech privacy can be difficult to put right, so it’s vital that you involve your acoustic consultant as early as you can in the design process. We’ll work with you to identify your privacy requirements, using low-jargon tools such as subjective descriptors and audio demonstrations to help you decide what you want.

Privacy is affected by the construction of your wall or floor, but also by the level of background noise. To get the same subjective level of privacy in a quiet space will require a higher rated acoustic partition than in a noisier area where the background noise provides some sound masking. We’ll work with the other professionals in your team to agree building services noise levels if appropriate, or to establish the levels of environmental noise coming in to your building. Based on this, and the types of activity your occupants will undertake, we specify the acoustic performance of walls and work with your architect to identify constructions which meet acoustic, fire and structural requirements.

We’ll also work to make sure that privacy isn’t compromised, providing details for any pipe, cable or duct penetrations, and making sure that the junctions between partitions are acoustically robust.

Who doesn’t love to sing in the bathroom?

Your bathroom is a great place to sing because, with all those hard and acoustically reflective spaces, it’s highly reverberant. But nobody wants their office or conference centre to sound like a bathroom or a cathedral!

Think about all those times you’ve been in a noisy restaurant and can’t hear yourself think, or when you haven’t been able to concentrate at work because it’s just getting too noisy. It doesn’t have to be like that – remembering to prioritise how your project SOUNDS as well as how it LOOKS can pay dividends in terms of comfort, productivity and health.

Gone are the days of the only acoustic treatments being ugly stick on fabric panels. You can make acoustic treatments into a feature, or have them barely distinguishable from the rest of your space.

Using your architectural drawings and your preferred finishes, we can model your space and give you advice on the specification, quantity and placement of acoustic treatments to get the most ‘bang for your buck’. We can also point you towards different types of treatment to help you find something you like the look of.

Buildings aren’t silent.

If your building has MVHR, extract fans, or any other form of mechanical building services, it’s going to make some noise. This isn’t a bad thing – believe it or not there is such a thing asĀ too quiet. We’ll work with your M&E consultant to agree appropriate noise levels from services, preserving the balance between occupant comfort without diminishing the benefits of services noise in aiding speech privacy.

When needed we can specify noise control measures such as in-duct silencers to keep things under control. These allow us not only to control overall noise levels, but to ‘tune’ the noise that you do hear so that you won’t find it irritating or distracting.


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