dBx Acoustics Ltd Environmental Policy

dBx Acoustics Ltd provides acoustic consultancy services, as well as noise, dust and vibration monitoring. To meet the requirements of our clients, we have implemented an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

Our Environmental Management System is based on ISO 14001 and controls, by means of documented procedures, all activities that are crucial to the achievement of the required level of quality.

We will improve our environmental performance by:

  • Committing to meeting all applicable compliance obligations
  • Setting appropriate environmental objectives and monitoring them regularly
  • Committing to the prevention of pollution
  • Applying policies on transport in ways which encourage both economic and environmental efficiency;
  • Seeking to continually improve environmental performance through all organizational policies;
  • Seeking to minimize waste from our activities as far as possible.

We will positively influence the environmental performance of projects on which we are engaged by:

  • Respecting our clients’ environmental management policies while encouraging them to adopt solutions with high environmental performance in line with our own standards;
  • Ensuring that our staff are properly trained to carry out their statutory responsibilities and to influence environmental performance positively;
  • Seeking, where we provide design services, to integrate environmental and sustainability considerations and positive impacts into all projects and practices.

Our policy will be subject to regular review by top management and will be made available to staff and interested parties within the dBx Acoustics QEMS. All staff are required to comply with the requirements of the QEMS and are required to continually improve its effectiveness.

This Environmental Policy is published and maintained electronically within Sharepoint and is also published on our website.


Susan Witterick
Director, dBx Acoustics Ltd

1st January 2018